Secure payment with SSL encryption

Secure online purchasing through SSL encryption SSL -Secure Socket Layer is the encryption standard for the secure transmission of data on the Internet. It ensures the identity of the computers communicating with each other and ensures the confidentiality of the transmitted data.
The SSL protocol creates secure connections from three points of view: The connection is private in the best sense, because its content is only encrypted over the network. The identity of the server is fixed. Effective algorithms check whether the data reaches their respective recipients completely and unchanged. The SSL protocol is initiated by attaching to the known http one:
This is the reason for the browser to request a certificate from the addressed server and its public key. This key is returned to the browser together with a checksum and an ID. This information is calculated by a few certification firms.
An SSL connection can not be used, disturbed or manipulated by third parties. The information provided (address data or order data) is protected against third party access and manipulation. Encryption is automatic, so you do not need to do anything. You recognize an active SSL connection by a closed lock at the bottom of your browser or by a s behind http in the address line of your browser - for example